Agencja PR Bielsko

Public relations bielsko is public relations contact with the environment . Are creating a public relations company acting in its environment . The aim of treatment is a concern for PR good image and approval to the operation of the company.
Special events and eventy bielsko for company or organization , attention to the media and potential customers. It is important to create the concept of a creative event - tailored to the subject and nature of the event , while providing a comprehensive service - from the creation of the script and the selection of the location to the smallest technical details .

If you are wondering who will arrange for you so great a mass event or small meetings in Poland - we will help you in that :)

The Agencja pr Bielsko is a fast-growing public relations agency Bielsko , offering its clients - organizations and businesses - a comprehensive support system, internal and external communication. 2B PR team believes that creative , innovative idea is the most important and that she has a basic role to differentiate the brand from the competition.
This agency pr Bielsko therefore focuses on nieschematycznych activities and build genuine interface between the product and the consumer . During his actions binds all kinds of means of public relations , advertising and promotions - among them implementation of special events and events Bielsko - each choosing them to the appropriate needs , as well as customers of the company. Thanks to each of the campaigns conducted by the company accomplishes its purpose , is attractive and above all effective.
What is important and distinguishing the company from the others - this is the first PR agency in Podbeskidzie specializes in servicing companies and medical facilities - offering a range of these activities mainly:
  • Newsroom
  • Occasional events and events Bielsko - which are currently the most effective type of promotion of the medical establishment
  • A comprehensive PR campaign - an integrated social campaigns for patients, doctors and pharmacists
  • E -PR - planning , implementation and supervision of the institution in the Internet
  • Branding and visual identity - branding , help in choosing the name and password promotional logos and websites , preparation and execution of the image supporting material , such as flyers, business cards , multimedia materials .

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